Would a hack like this be possible for Ys 1 & 2 DS?

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    Long time Ys fans know that traditionally, you attack just by bumping into enemies, and this is retained in the DS game's stylus control mode, yet if you want to use the D-pad for movement, they've instituted a new attack button you must press to swing your sword to damage enemies. Oddly enough, if you unequip your weapon in D-pad mode, you use the old bump attack style as well, but who wants to play a whole game doing minimal damage.

    Is there a way a hack could allow the old attack style with the D-pad movement? How hard would such a thing be to make? Has anyone considered working on such a hack?

    It's not a huge problem to play with an attack button, but it is frustrating that they retained the old school method with the stylus and not with the D-pad, when it would've been trivial for them to make the attack button optional just like the stylus is optional. Since they didn't, I guess I hope someone else could make it happen.

    Sorry if anyone's brought this up before. It's not easy to search when a game's title is Ys and search engines only like words with 3 or more letters.