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    Aug 3, 2011
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    I'll start off by saying I'm a noob at programming and idk how to use GitHub. This program works smoothly on my machine, but I'm not sure how it will go on other computers.


    This is my release of a save editor for Pocket Card Jockey. It's a simple C++ program so there is no fancy interface. To use it, you must have the save file in the same directory as the executable (PocketCardJockey.exe) and it must be named "gamedata". All commands are inputted through keyboard.

    • Edit speed
    • Edit stamina
    • Edit number of wins
    • Edit number of races horse participated in
    • Edit peak times
    • Maximize cash for all race horses
    • Appearance/gender
    • Racing style
    • Temperament
    • Active Shop items (to an extent)
    Currently, the program doesn't edit the player data, horse's name, and skills. If anyone knows how skills are stored in the data, please let me know! If we're looking at horse #1, I know that skills are somewhere in offsets 0x31-0x33, but I can't solve how it works.

    Note: If you raise your growth mode's horse's speed/stamina too high, it will loop and reset. I'm not sure why, so the program assumes the maximum stat is roughly 75 for that specific horse (it still resets/loops, however).

    -There are no plans to implement a puzzle pieces or trophies editor.

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    Do you have a tutorial on how to use this? Not sure how to specifically use it. Which file(s) do I download off of Github? Thanks in advance. :nds:
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