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    Nov 23, 2014
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    Basically redundant now since the guide contains premade .app files, but oh well.

    This was supposed to be to help people who got injecting wrong by putting files in the wrong directory, etc. and were wondering why their Health & Safety app was refusing to become FBI.

    You can run this .jar from your SD card, pick whether you want the new FBI or the old FBI, and it will run Universal Inject Generator on the hs.app in the files9 folder and put the injected .app in the files9 folder as well.

    When I work out how to compile the jar from my webserver I will have it check daily for any changes to FBI or Universal Inject Generator to include them.

    Can download from quantumc.at.

    If anyone has any ideas for useful little projects that can be done from PC (Java) or from the web (PHP/Javascript etc) please let me know (can't do homebrew yet, but keen to contribute!).
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