'Winter' Petition Hits 10k Signatures

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    "I hope you were with us last week, because we found out about a game that may never make it to the Wii. n-Space’s ‘Winter’ looks like an extremely promising title, but publishers were too scared to take a chance on it. While that is sad news, there is a silver lining.

    Winter as pitched to publishers during the better part of two years ago. The Wii market has grown by millions since then, and various publishers have seen that more than just mini-game collections can succeed on the Wii. Just last Friday we learned that more de Blob would be on the way, thanks to the warm reception that Wii owners gave the original I.P.. I’m glad that news came out, because n-Space can use it as an example of one more original I.P. that saw success on Wii.

    IGN shared the story of ‘Winter’, and the rest of the internet ran with it. I talked to Matt Casamassina to get the ball rolling on some bigtime ‘Winter’ support, and the first phase of that kicked off with a petition. Thanks to all the sites that participated, we have now seen the petition hit 10,000 signatures in less than a week. I can’t thank you enough for all the support you’ve thrown at the petition.

    The fun doesn’t end there. We would love to see the petition to continue to climb. The higher the signature turnout, the more impressive the push will be. If you haven’t done so already, click here to sign the petition. It may seem like a futile step to some, but trust me…these signatures have made a difference in the past, and they can do so here.

    I continue on looking into ways to promote the game. I have to talk to Mr. Casamassina this week to see what else we can do, and discuss some ideas that have been floating around. Of course, you are once again welcome to share your thoughts on the game, ideas to spread the word, and anything else about the title in our comments section below.

    Guys, this is the third time we’ve had a campaign like this. The first time got us Sam and Max on the Wii, as well as huge Telltale support in general. The second time definitely got back to Capcom, and they are well aware of our efforts. Let’s make this third time the charm."

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    Wow, already 10,000? When i signed it was around 1600. People are signing pretty fast.
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    Signed it. Let's hope a publisher is gonna take the title.
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