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Jul 7, 2008

Right before the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS, Game Informer managed to get a few words from Shigeru Miyamoto, who talked a bit about their position in 3D gaming. Their handheld is a step forward, but will their next console try to compete with Sony's plans of 3D support?

QUOTE said:
"We're at the stage right now where it's very difficult to tell whether 3D televisions are going to cater to our needs to make better 3D experiences," Miyamoto said. "For one thing, our video games are made for as many people as possible, and the number of people who can play those types of games, who can afford to buy the 3D televisions at home, aren't going to be very good."

But as far as 3D console gaming is concerned, the legendary gamesmith isn't closing any doors. "It is also true that certain types of three-dimensional games utilize 3D televisions might help people navigate more freely. Right now we're at the stage where it's very hard for us to determine whether it's very good or bad."



No way.

Not many people have an HDTV. It would be stupid to make the jump to 3DTV's right now. I also dislike 3D glasses. They wouldn't do that.

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