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    Hey guys!

    I had mentioned before that i was going to be LIVE ON THE INTERWEBS today at noon-3pm EST (thats 5-8 GMT, and you all can figure it out from there [​IMG]).

    The site is That of the N3rd Cast, and while they're all out of town, myself and another friend of the show are filling it.
    Its going to be a horrendous, embarassing mess (hopefully that good [​IMG]), but we're live, on camera, and taking calls about anything and everything geek related!
    We're broadcasting through Stickam so if you have an account (free to sign up [​IMG]) you can chat live in their chatroom with other N3rdCast fans/stalkees (as well as me [​IMG])!

    So join the fun, watch me crumble under 3 hours of live stress, and maybe even call in (skype baby, YEA!)

    As well, this show will be vulgar. If you have soft ears, if you have children, well... tough, listen anyway! It'll put hair on your chest. (and, its a heads up, cause i'm not a *total* dick *bats eyes*)

    (i'm sorry if my posting this again under a new topic is a bad move, i just wanted a fresh/new thread for my announcement. if this was uncool, please let me know and it wont happen again [​IMG] )
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    I completely forgot!!!! Sorry dude!