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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Floh0815, May 4, 2009.

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    Apr 20, 2009
    Ok. I know there are many topics out there which are possible ways to solve my problem,
    but hey guys, I'm really confused.
    I want to play WiiWare games. I installed 2 wads. World of goo and FF CC Life as a Kind.
    World of goo works fine, but if I try to start FF my wii simply restarts.
    So i began to search around the forum for an answer for this problem.
    I found some but every solution says something different.
    One says that i have to uninstall and reinstall IOS249 or something.
    Another says that i have to pack and unpack the wad-file.
    And there is a whole bunch of other methods I read about.

    So... Now I'm standing here, don't know what to do and begging for help.
    Please can somebody out there makes a universal guide for using wiiware and VC?

    I'd like to play some of these games and so I would be happy (and many other noobs out there)
    if there would be something like that.

    My wii has FW 3.1E, has HBC and some other homebrew running which I found in this forum. Should I upgrade or should I leave it?

    Please, could somebody helps a beginner like me?
    Thanks in advance
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    You're missing a couple of IOS, I had this problem.

    You need IOS 37 for FF, also I'd advise you get title lister and get some other IOS too if not found. 51, 36, 55, 58 etc etc these are needed for some DVD based games too.

    You can get NUS downloader, or rip these IOS from a games, or just use your local friendly torrent site if confused by these methods. IOS are NOT region specific, so don't worry about regions for IOS, that's a menu thing.

    Here's some other good advise I learned from...

    Next some SPAM to help others searching for this problem [​IMG]
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    This should bring this up high on search once google's done it's crawling