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    I`m going to 1st time mod a wiiu I just picked up. The console is reset/restored and updated to the latest firmware.
    So I have read bad "reviews" about people trashing using wiiu.guide.
    Its seems to me as a very user friendly guide/instructions to mod the wiiU.
    Are there any cons to using it? It sounds like it is exactly what I want.....stock to coldboot haxchi.
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    The number one biggest reason I have steered people away from that guide is the fact that it doesn't explain what you are doing. It just gives step by steps and after you're done, as a noob you have no idea what you have. That leads to unnecessary thread creation by users asking questions that are answered every day and spelled out in the community guides we have here.

    For example, the noob guide that is stickied is not my own. Many users contribute to it every day.

    That guide you are talking about only recently was updated to include nand backup. And it doesn't stress the importance of it or explain what any of the backup files are for. This has led to at least 10 different threads on here during that gap of knowledge where users bricked their Wii U's because they followed that guide and didn't understand how CBHC worked. Add to that they had no nand backup so no chance of recovery.

    My guide isn't perfect. But I work on it weekly to keep the flow consistent and educate people on what they are actually doing. I know it's a lot more reading than your typical step by step but if you're not willing to do a little research on what you're hacking then you are setting yourself up for failure.
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    This and the bricks will continue to happen no matter how good your guide is. If the thread is unnecessary mods remove it before it turns into the usual shit show
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