WIIU Games w/multiple Updates

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    Nov 23, 2013
    first off - thanks to all the great talents here in the wiiu scene
    i just recently installed haxchi + USB Loader + WUP Installer

    question about some games w/multiple updates
    - do i install each update at the correct order? - OR can i just install only the last/latest update
    -- install one after another OR
    -- i have to install the first update, play the game, then install the next update and repeat the same process again

    - i don't know how DLC work right now and how to implement it
    thanks for all the great tutorials and helps

    different topic:
    I only tried haxchi w/o coldboothax (worried that my kids might brick the wiiu), is there a chance later on that someone might figure out a coldboothax brick free?
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    Aug 19, 2015
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    For updates all you do is install the latest version of the update. For dlc you just install it exactly the same way as a game but for the dlc to work in your game you need to run haxchi each time you play the game the dlc is for. As for cold boot haxchi the latest version has built in brick protection and once installed it can't be deleted the only way to brick the system would be to do a system format and to do that us pretty hidden in the options plus I think you can set parental controls to require a password to do the system format.
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