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    Dec 9, 2008
    Hi All,

    just a wii question/s (boom boom [​IMG] )

    I have been using WiiScrubber on a few games and it work great, I also brickblock the games using Wii Brickblocker, however I see in WiiScrubber you can delete the UPDATE partition if this is done is this just like patching the UPDATE using brickblocker or is it better to delete the partition completely.

    I have notice in WiiScrubber 1.3.1 FINAL there is a checked box named "Force Wii Disc" what is that?

    In version 1.3.1 FINAL does it srubbed the image and it will still allows the wii to play them as I hear alot about the wii not playing any games that have been scrubbed do to Nintendo checking if the game has been scrubbed.

    Hope these are not daft questions and someone can answer them

    Cheers All
    PBoy [​IMG]
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    Aug 26, 2007
    Suggest having a look in the FAQ.txt included with the program [​IMG]

    Force Wii was a quick bodge to get the apploader disc to load, also needed on one of the Guitar Hero discs too IIRC.

    Advantage of deleting the update partition is that you then free up some more space on the disc for compression.

    And as for:

    They still work as long as you do not trucha sign the disc.

    Again thats in the FAQ.