Wiimote button relocation mod

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    As you may know, the gun attachments for the wiimote are generally shitty. They work ok-ish. But they leave you not being able to press most of the buttons on the wiimote easily. So, you have to either hold the gun like its not a gun to access these buttons, or you have to hurry up and switch your grip any time you want to throw a grenade or change weapons during a game. Well, not any more.

    I've just married the control pad from a "deer huntin' 3" plug-n-play game to a wiimote. The end result is that the D-pad, 1, 2, -, +, and A buttons from the wiimote are now on the side of it right by my index finger.

    i didnt take any photos while i was doing this, so all photos are of the finished project.

    * materials *
    wiimote to be cut up and improved
    deer huntin' 3 or similar game
    wii zapper
    dremel with a wheel to cut up plastic
    soldering gun
    try-wing & phillips screwdrivers
    glue gun
    2 part plastic welding epoxy

    First, crack open that shitty deer huntin' game. there's like 25 little screws. take most of them out and then just crack the case when you get tired of unscrewing them. find the button assembly in the back of the gun and cut the wires holding it in there. now's a good time for a beer.


    Next, its time to cut up the zapper. hold the button assembly in the outside of the zapper and find a spot that feels like it belongs there. trace the outline of the button assembly onto the zapper. make sure you get it where you want it. when youre happy with the layout, drink some more beer, then chop out a section of the zapper with the dremmel. you want to cut out enough so the back of the button block will be flush with the side of the wiimote. but dont cut out so much that the thing will be flimsy.


    now its time to chop up a wiimote. open it up by taking out the 4 screws in the battery compartment and then hold it face down and forcefully lift the top off of the bottom. if you did it right, ill the little plastic shit like buttons and led diffusers will stay in the top cover with the rubber crap and the main board will stay in the bottom half of the wiimote. now's a good time to drink a beer while the soldering iron and glue gun heat up.

    the basic idea behind the wiring is that each button has a lead and they all share a common ground. lucky for us, both the wiimote and the deer huntin' game use this same principal.

    there is a 2-wire ribon at the top of the deer huntin buttons, red and grey.
    red power button
    grey ground

    then there is a ribbon with a white wire and a shitload of grey ones at the other end of the button cluster. starting with the white wire, the wires go to these buttons...
    white options
    grey ground
    grey next
    grey right
    grey up
    grey down
    grey select
    grey previous
    grey left

    on the wiimote, most of the buttons have 2 exposed metal traces that are bridged when you press a button. one of them as the ground. the -, home, and + buttons are a bit different. they are sealed up, but have exposed metal at the corners. the left 2 corners are the same and the right 2 corners are the same. here is the common ground among all the buttons...

    u left = ground
    d right = ground
    l bottom = ground
    r top = ground

    1 left = ground
    2 left = ground

    - right = ground
    +left = ground

    A right = ground

    So, now you just have to decide which button from the deer huntin' game you want to give to which wiimote button. i matched mine up like this
    options -> 1
    power - > 2
    next -> -
    previous -> +
    d-pad rotated so right -> up

    if you feel like it, you can cut the wires to length. i personally left the wires long in case i want to cut them later and splice them in a different order to change the button layout. while soldering, i put the bottom of the wiimote in the zapper and taped the button assembly in there. then everything is held right where it needs to be. then strip off the last 1mm of each wire and solder that beast to the button you want. i didnt even need resin. the solder sticks to the wiimote traces extremely well. if you mess up, its a bitch to undo. so dont mess up.

    once youve got that, start up the wii and test it out and make sure each button works as it should. then use the glue gun to make sure the wires wont get pulled loose. then mix up some epoxy and stick the button cluster to the side of the wiimote. then cut out the rubber that goes to the wiimote power and home buttons. glue that to the wiimote board and glue the buttons themselves no the rubber. place the wiimote speaker down so that its leads match up with their pads and glue that thing in place. also, glue the clear plastic LED diffuser i place. then, since youve got the glue gun out already, go ahead and slap some more glue wherever you see fit. if a little goes a long way, then a lot goes a really long way. so dont be shy.

    now, to make sure that the thing stays in place when you press the trigger, cut the section of the wiimote face that goes right by the ir camera and glue it to the bottom of the wiimote case. then glue the entire wiimote board to the wiimote base. make sure that when you press the B button, the board doesnt come out of the wiimote.


    the finished wiimote sits nicely in the charger with his buddies

    now finish up whatever beers you have left while playing a game with your new toy.
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    Can't believe no-one commented... Top mod mate [​IMG]
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    I rarely look in the hardware section of the forums, so I'm glad I did. Pretty cool idea GP.

    I seriously don't believe you're just one guy, but then again I noticed the cages, are you a prisoner forced to work 18 hour days in poor conditions ? [​IMG]

    You need to get some casing done for your WODE, wiisel did a cool CAD design on the wode forums a while back

    You should have a paypal link in your sig m8, so we can contribute a few pennies to help you get gadgets and beers [​IMG]
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    I'm not really understanding what's so beneficial about this mod?

    I can here from the other forum about wiimote sleeves.
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    Its a lot easier to reach the buttons.
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    way cool! very informal and well detailed for any rookie.
    golden eye would be fun with your gun mod. i like the green buttons.