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    May 31, 2018
    I am currently working on modifying a couple of games to include "built-in" riivolution mods and translate , I have tried to allocate memory maps using wstrt via GCT codes, it works perfectly but the limit is small space for codes.

    I tried using the command as follows:

    wstrt patch main.dol --add-sect memory.gct --gct-addr 0 -vv

    With the purpose of relocating the GCT codes in BSS empty space, but as a result I get a "corrupt" main.dol which nowhere contains the GCT codes

    I tried using another command:

    Wit dolpatch main.dol "xml = game.xml" "new = TEXT, 80761800,2000"
    80761800 is a empty space of BSS section of main.dol

    Everything is correctly applied in the right place, but when you run the game with dolphin in debug mode it initially appears in the memory region 80761800 but when you start the game the whole code disappears
    I don't know what I'm wrong about, if someone can help me, I have very little knowledge about this.
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