WiiMC SMB Viewing Troubles

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by yusuo, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. yusuo

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    after using this a few days im having alot of problem with samba viewing, after about 10 mins the program losses the stream and messes up, forcing a reset, its very annoying as i love the program but because of this bug ive had to go back to mplayer,

    It worked perfectly at first and then after 3 days of use started to act like this, it literally is losing the stream every 10 mins.

    There is no problem with my network as mplayer doesnt have one issue with the same videos from the same source, is there a work around or do i have to wait for a fix as i love the design of wiimc
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    Well as you would expect from the official release notes:
    have you tried deleting restore points, or making a fresh install? have you installed the ios202 wit the official installer?!
  3. yusuo

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    yup installed there own ios 202 havent tried a fresh isntall yet though
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    i had similar issues. its just not perfect yet, make do with what you have. you want stability? go with mplayer ce, you want good looks go with WiiMC.

    I watched season 5 of tim and eric and it went great. then i started to watch season 3 a day later. it froze every time i pressed home to go back to the file list (if the video ended normally it went back fine). then after restarting the wii a few times due to the freezes, it started to stutter and stop for buffering every few seconds.

    it will get better, with homebrew you gotta wait and sometimes its REALLY long. luckily they fixed the NTFS bug really fast.
  5. azoreseuropa

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    Dont forgot GeeXboX. It can load both .avi and .srt perfectly just fine without a problem. Its awesome. I got both WiiMC and GeeXboX for different purposes. [​IMG]
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    Exactly, no media player is perfect.

    - i trust Tantric in the end though