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    I have been at this for 2 days now and read so many threads and tutts that my head is spinning. This is where I am at -

    I have an 80 gb hardrive formatted to fat 32 on the drive I have an apps, wiiflow and wbfs folder on my usb drive I have a wiiflow folder at on the root and a wiiflow folder in the apps folder. I have used wiibackupmanger to put games on the hardrive.

    I have installed a forwarder.

    Now when I start wiiflow via the forwarder it keeps saying cannot find games choose drive.

    I have also changed the wiiflow configuration file to read -

    I would really appriciate some help on this and please believe me I have googled and read up as you can see but am now really confused. Also forgot to say the games I put on dissapear after I try and run wiiflow.

    Many thanks

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    if WiiFlow can't find the drive, maybe it is not compatible, but you can change the USB conector on you Wii just to be sure, you can also try other loader like CFG of GX...!! [​IMG]