Wii USB port not work

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    Oct 4, 2012
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    I have problem with not working USB port in my WII. There was electrical short (power adapter crash) when external HDD was connected to USB. From this time i have black screen instead Wii system menu.

    I can boot with BootMii, load HBC, and apps SysCheck, USBLoader, WiiMod, WiiXL... My Wiimote is not work, not sync, i can navigate with GC controller only.

    Also when i boot copy of my game from USBLoader i have black screen. It is look like brick by bad Bluetooth module, but i twice ordered, and twice replaced, and still black screen. I removed all additional titles and channels for check is it Banner Brick, with USBLoader i can download game covers - so Wi-Fi module is OK.

    When checking IOSes, wii hangs at IOS202.

    When connecting pendrive or USB sd card reader led lights up, but apps gives "Device is not responding" info when i select USB Mass Storage. I tried with external HDD, two sd cards in readers, and two pendrives.

    SaveMiiFrii method works and shows 4.3(EUR)

    In my NandBinCheck -all -v report there is nothing special, some blue warrnings about deleted titles, or tmd RSA signature isn't even close and 0 red errors.

    checking for lost clusters...  
    total used clusters 31d0 of 0x8000  
    found 0 lost clusters
    UNK ( 0xffff ) 8 (a6, a7, e82, e83, e84, e85, e86, e87)  
    free			49e8  
    verifying ecc...  
    2 out of 884224 pages had incorrect ecc.
    they were spread through 2 clusters in 2 blocks:
    (2, 6)  
    0 of those clusters are non-special (they belong to the fs)  
    verifying hmac...  
    verifying hmac for 534 files  
    0 files had bad HMAC data  
    checking HMAC for superclusters...  
    0 superClusters had bad HMAC data

    should i virginize my wii or replace mainboard is my only way?

    Thanks for help.