Wii UK Price Watch Thread

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    There have been a lot of "limited time only" prices for the Wii lately so I thought that I'd start a thread for us all to post our findings to help our fellow gamers out to get a cheaper Wii or at least one that is value for money. Some of your know that I find the Wii over priced (especially seeing the 360 acrade is £129.99 now!) so these deals will perhaps make the system more attractive to you.

    Morrissons are selling this from today until 5th November for £159.99, in store only. A friend of mine who works at Morrissons says that they will also do the half priced games thing again after Thursday, lets hope when I get there, that there will be games other than Alvin & the Chipmonks left [​IMG]
    Blockbuster are selling Wii's for £179 but they do come with Mario Kart Wii (with Wheel) & FIFA 09.
    MAKRO are selling them for £146.86 5th to 11th November, but you'll need a MAKRO card.
    GAME are selling Wii console plus a game of your choice out of Samba de Amigo, Sonic & Mario & More Game Party. Well ok maybe not so much of a good deal but still its better than only getting Wii Sports.

    Will update with other findings.