Wii U Menu Corruption - Undoable?

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    Feb 11, 2018
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    I'm working on a small hack for the Wii U Menu, but it involves changing some files around (root/storage_mlc/sys/title/00050010/10040200/content/common). However, I'm a bit worried that what I do would potentially block me out of the system. Just to clarify; I don't think this will brick my console, just lock me out of the Wii U Menu. Can anyone (preferably someone who has had experience with this) help me out with these questions before I take the plunge?

    1) Does CBHC load before or after the Wii U Menu? Like, say the menu doesn't load. Will CBHC still open and give me a chance to open the Homebrew launcher?
    2) Does the menu depend on the files here (sound files, text files, etc) in order to load, or does it just display an error message?
    3) Any recommendations for methods of repairing the menu if it doesn't load? I have access to Mocha, FTPIIU_Everywhere, WUP Installer GX2 (both homebrew and installed version) and a hacked vWii, if that helps!

    Any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated!
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    Aug 9, 2018
    Try doing modifications on RedNAND
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