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    Jul 18, 2014
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    Hello Everyone,

    I am wanting to mod my Wii U, as I have had my regular Wii modded for some years now and feel it adds a lot of great functions. However, I am really unsure what I can and cannot do. I have tried reading threads and forums here and there but the information is a little conflicting.

    I plan to go into the vWii and mod it using the Return of Jodi hack to install the homebrew channel using the Hackmii installer.

    Then I planned to follow this guide for installing what it lists thinking it will help:

    After here is what I am wanting to do most:
    Install Homebrew Browser
    Install Wii Flow
    Install ScummVM
    Install NES & SNES Emulators
    Install WiiMC
    Install Wii WAD files

    From what I have read so far, it seems installing hombrew browser and hombrew channel is fine with no issues. Wii Flow also seems to be worry free.

    For Wii ScummVM and the other emulators they seem to install on the SD card on the Wii. Should these be fine?
    Same for WiiMC?

    As for the Wii WAD files I would really like to have some of those, but don't plan to even try them until I hear more. I have heard some people say any and all Wii WAD files should work fine no problem. While others have said that some Wii WAD files will brick the vWii and that the vWii NAND should be written to and altered as little as possible. Some suggested some Wii WAD channels will work, but some won't.

    Please help and let me know what is and isn't okay here. I just want to add a little extra features and games to help supplement the Wii Us anemic feature set and game library. I don't want to brick anything.
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