Wii U HDD Not Working

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  1. guikbretas

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    Jan 7, 2019
    Hello guys, i bought a new case for my Wii U HDD, but in Wii U is not working and now is only working in PC
    When i try to plug the HDD on Wii U, the LED from the case flashes 3 times shortly and HDD stops

    What i have tried?
    > Change partition from Logical to Primary
    > Format to NTFS and FAT32
    > Clean partitions with Windows and leave it to allocate space
    > Using the cable that came with the HDD (single cable) and a Y Cable
    > Trying another HDD (my PS3 HDD worked)

    My mother dropped the HDD, is this related to the problem?
  2. JustinCredible

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    Dec 15, 2018
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    There's no way anyone can know if and how much damage was done by dropping it. If it worked before it was dropped and now is not working it probably is related to the drop, I'm sorry but that's common sense.

    None of the formatting you do on PC has anything to do with the Wii U reading it. The Wii U has it's own file system not related to PC.

    You could try the back two ports with the y cable. The single cable doesn't give the hdd enough power to work on a Wii U so that is pointless even if it wasn't dropped.

    If that doesn't work you'll probably need to buy another hdd or case for the hdd. When you say you got a new case I'm assuming you're talking about an enclosure and that it was an internal hdd before? If so it's possible if any damage was done by dropping it was only to the case and not the hdd itself.
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