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  1. T3GZdev

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    a random post about what i want to see on wii u in future.
    the possible & maybe possible.

    -faster os.
    -ability to show home screen on both gamepad & tv (for now we can only swap miiverse plaza & wii u home select screen)
    -a local media app? (wii had photo channel for pics, music & vids,) (3ds has 3ds camera channel for pics/vids, & music channel for music)
    -ability to add more than 1 tv remote profile (so can use wii u gamepad on more than 1 tv without having to go back into settings & re config)
    -home screen folders (the 3ds eventually got them)
    -cloud saving ( if we could save our games & data on a nintendo network cloud that would be nice.)
    -limit off of wii u browser tabs? or maybe bump it up to 12?
    -more than 1 gamepad? (most likely 2?)
    -gamecube disk support? (why only downloaded gamecube games?)
    -dvd support? (wii didnt support dvd until it was hacked) if it can be hacked to play dvd why not make it do it officially?
    -music during gameplay? (wii had this for like 2 or 3 games)

    maybe possible?
    a new pro controller (with headset jack)
    -wii u gamepad longer battery
    -wii u gamepad pro - with a longer battery more high res screen (1080p & stereo 3D), multitouch, back camera for AR, 3d front & back cams (maybe rotatable) & higher rez camera.
    -release a 64GB version? - i already own wii u & don't plan on buying another just for more space. some may find that interesting tho

    not so possible?
    release a 4GB GB RAM model version? :ph34r:
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    there is a tread for this 5 posts down
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