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    Unfortunately, that won't be sufficient as the USB drives are encrypted with a per console key, and we would need to be able to run some sort of exploit (either software or hardware) with access to the Wii U mode keys in order to get the encryption key. Unless the Wii mode has access to the Wii U keystore (this is almost certainly not the case), creating a purely software hack may be very difficult.
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    Wow so many responses :) this gives me hope the wii u will be exploited someday.
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    technically, Wii U game dumps *could* possibly be made from WiiMode as AHBPROT Wii Homebrew has direct hardware access to the Disk Drive. another problem would be adding support for the drive commands needed to read Wii U disks and a program to actually dump the game. that does not even include needing the common key to decrypt the dump. i am assuming the drive does not have a special firmware that disables reading Wii U disks when the console is in WiiMode. its unlikely but possible to have the drive itself disable reading Wii U games as part of the reboot into WiiMode.
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    I'd read about the WII U disc specification and, while i can't remember my source now, I remember thinking that the format was closer to the dead HD-DVDs than to the Blu-ray. When thinking of this in terms of costs and practicalities, I don't think that nintendo would create an entirely new 25GB format, instead they would tweak an existing one. My personal hunch is HD based physical properties with a tweaked data architecture.
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    it clearly states everywhere that it is a blu-ray optical disc. hd-dvd's have not been used in many years. blu-ray won that battle.
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