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Sep 26, 2019
Hello guys,

I am new to Wii U homebrew. I already own a homebrewed PS3 and Wii, decided to upgrade Wii to Wii U and expand on Nintendo game library.

I recently got my Wii U with gamepad with two wiimotes and nunchacks.
Just wanted HDMI update and to expand on nintendo library: play Wii U library, Gamecube, N64 games (I have only played Wii and retro games(gx emulators) on my old Wii) so Wiimotes and nunchacks were enough for me.

I would like to play my Wii U/Gamecube/Retro games with traditional controller (like PS3) on my Wii U.

I have read a lot of information here and on other sources. I did not find all answers to my questions. I hope we will discuss these in this thread.

I am planing to build a setup where I have my Wii U/Wii/Gamecube/N64/SNES/NES games in one console (I think Wii U is awesome).
As I have said, I already own a homebrewed PS3 so I already have 4 original PS3 dualshock controllers.

So my question which controllers should I use on my new Wii U for different type of games?
What I am searching is best all in one solution to play 2-4 player games from different generations, buying as less controllers as possible and use what I already have.

From what I have read:
Wii U games - I could use homebrew called HID to VPAD and use 2-4 wired PS3 controllers right?
Wii games - I could use 2-4 Wiimotes and Nunchacks without a problem right?

So these two libraries can be currently played without buying anything am I right?

Now it gets interesting...

Gamecube games - what are the options?

1. I could use HID to VPAD which will let me emulate Wii U pro controller but if I run Nintendont it does not work right?
2. Nintendont has HID controller support and has built in PS3 controller support. But there is a catch, you cannot use 2-4 PS3 controllers wired right, because it will only map one controller, so it does not work?
3. Nintendont does not support generic Wii U pro controllers (chinese clones), only original ones are supported, so this means that I would have to buy 4 original Wii U pro controllers?
4. Nintendont supports original Gamecube hub, but does it support chinese Gamecube hubs, anyway, if i choose this way, I would have to buy 4 Gamecube controllers right?

Is there anyway I could use my PS3 controllers to play 2-4 games without buying original wii u pro controllers x4 or original usb adapter x1 + 4 gamecube controllers?

Retro games (N64/NES/SNES) - what are the options?

NES/SNES - what are the options?

1. GX emulators work fine with Wiimotes, but maybe I could use my PS3 controllers?
2. Does retroarch for wii u support multiple controllers? (for example use HID to VPAD and then run Retroarch app) or it is the same as Nintendont after running app HID to VPAD does not work?

N64 - what are the options?

1. From what I have searched seems that I Only one solution - buying 4x Classic Wii controllers and connecting them directly to wiimotes? Because Wii64/Not64 emulator does not support anything apart Wii controllers?

I hope you understand what I want. What would you recommend me to do?

I would REALLY love to have Ultimate setup with as less controllers as possible, also as cost effective as possible.

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