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    My audiophilic side has just come out because of GH3. So I bought GH3 (just the game, I got the Aerosmith bundle already). Yes, I got the mono one but by doing some research, I found out that if you set the Wii sound settings to Stereo, the game will output in Stereo. I'm not sure if this is official but when I tried it, the sound became much clearer than mono.

    But this is something that bothers me a bit. My TV is a Sanyo normal CRT that's got Virtual Surround/3D Surround. Does the Surround setting for Wii only work for sound systems/TVs that's capable of outputting Dolby Pro Logic or will it output surround sound - as long as your TV supports surround sound (Dolby or like mine, Virtual Surround)?

    P.S. If anyone suggests that I should get the replacement, I wouldn't. Because:[*]It's too late; the deadline for disc exchange will end in 3 days and I think the disc won't make it there.[*]I'm OK with Stereo
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    The Wii will only output in Dolby Prologic II. (It will work with non-dolby devices, though Im not so sure if it will be considered "Surround" sound. Possibly Stereo instead.)

    So if you connect the Red and White cables to any electrical device that has the Dolby Pro Logic logo:

    [​IMG] or [​IMG]

    It will output in Surround Sound.

    Otherwise, it wont.

    Im pretty sure the majority, if not everthing, accepts Dolby Pro Logic.


    I have Guitar Hero 3, and before I sent the game in to get the Dolby Surround Sound, the Game only output to the middle front speaker. No sound came out of any of the other speakers, it was just the front center speaker!

    The Pro Logic fix made all the speakers work [​IMG]