Wii scratches disc

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    Ive been playing games on backups nowadays but the wii always makes weird noises when im loading a backup disc. after a few plays of the game it eventually stops functioning saying that the disc cant be read. taking out the disc from the wii, i notice that theres a circular scratch embedded on my backup disc. this problem hasnt occured with my actual wii discs but when i look them over i notice thats there is in fact a faint, not as embedded as the backup disc, scratch on the wii disc.
    i havent played my actual wii games that much lately so i am not sure if this scratching problem is only occuring on my backups or both backups and wii discs.
    I dont want to risk scratching my real wii games.

    Does anybody know the problem with the wii, and if anybody does, could you please give me some tips or instructions on how to fix it?
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    Apr 7, 2010
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    Well it is possible your bumping into it, moving it and other things but I doubt that is causing it. I heard sometimes this happens and your best bet is getting it repaired by Nintendo but I don't think that is a viable option in your situation. There are some people online who will offer a service to fix your wii or maybe a user on this site can do it.
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    easy fix.........buy a hard drive and you want have to worry about scratching..... I did and its so much better. just my opinion