wii motion plus stops cursor showing

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  1. craig mosley

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    Jul 14, 2016
    Finally got around to hacking the vWii and tried playing some games everything went well until i try something that require motion+.

    I've tried Wii play motion and Wii sports resort and with both the cursor disappears from the screen after about 30 seconds, all the other buttons work and if i turn on the second controller that cursor will show so i know its not the bar, if i unplug the motion+ it will reappear. ive tried with two different wiimotes and two different motion+'s. having the nunchuk plugged in or unplugged makes no difference.

    both the wii remotes and motion plus adapters are genuine

    is this a know issues? (i have searched but couldn't find a answer)

    is there a fix?

    Edit: turns out its also doing it on wiiu games as well just tried nintendoland and does exactly the same