Wii Joysound Karaoke - VERY problematic game

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by k0sm0s, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. k0sm0s

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    Sep 24, 2007
    using modified gecko (to avoid the 002 error) to launch game, US wii

    so after you solved the blue screen error 02, and basically you can play the game just fine, if you are playing one of the 70 songs preincluded on the disk

    so i want to buy a ticket, to access the entire library, the whole point of the software.

    so i bought 1000 points from the wii shop (US)... and load back in the game, clicked on buy ticket........ and it hanged

    so i sorta figure out that its because the game is looking for points from the japanese shop... looks like to run it (i really want to) i have to change my region

    sacrificed my whole lot of wiishop purchases, removed my wiishop account, change shop region to japanese.

    buys another 1000 wii point from the JP wii shop, goes back in the game... now this time it advanced onto the buy ticket buttons. yay.

    so i purchased a 30 day ticket for 1000 points because it is the most value for money. goes back to the catalogue. WHAT!? NO TICKET!?

    then i changed my whole wii region to japanese, bought another 1000 points... and this time i bought a 1 day ticket for 300 yen. i looked at the dialog as i pressed thru the buttons, and noticed the last message:

    You have bought a ticket. You now have 700 wii points left. Time remaining: 0 min.

    Wut? One last try... i deleted the game save file, and bought another 300 point ticket. yep, same result.

    Anyway, i read on the japanese forums that the original disc works fine. Whether it is the backup disk issue, or the game actually detects the wii version... i heard that buying the ticket on the original disk works fine but when you switch to the backup disk it doesnt recognise

    anyways, lost a ton of money today. argh
  2. osanekun

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    Jan 22, 2009
    United States
    What did you do to solve the blue screen error problem when using the back-up. I actually have the real game and have registered my point card and have already logged into the joysound server but can't figure out how to get my back-up to load. I'm using Homebrew Channel with backuplauncher0.3_gamma1 (Wii 3.2J). Any help would be appreciated.
  3. juntaimade

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    Apr 21, 2009
    Hello, To solve the bleue screen problem, i think you should install the last REV8.

    And for K0sm0s, can you tell me please if you finally bought a ticket? I still have a problem there...

    - I was in 3.2E with French wishp, i can acces to network in JOYSOUND, but when i want to buy a ticket, it freezes (still music and moving wallpaper)
    - I changed my firmware to 3.2J with japanese wiishop. But when i go to the game, i cannot connect to Network anymore
    - Then, installed 3.2E with Jap wiishop and same problem...
    - Finally I installed 3.2J with French wiishop, i can acces to network in JOYSOUND, but when i want to buy a ticket, it freezes (still music and moving wallpaper)

    So it seems that, if i change my wiishop region, i cannot connect to network in JOYSOUND anymore...

    Can you tell me how you did please....

    Thank you for Helping!
  4. Knocks

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    Jun 12, 2006
    LOL you could have bought the retail disc and maybe a new Wii with all those wasted points.