Wii Imaging - Is it Possible

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  1. roup

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    Dec 3, 2008
    I'm a noob to this whole wii scene and have been doing some reading the last few days. I was just wondering if it might be possible to take an image file of your Wii system prior to performing any mods and enabling an auto image recovery from the SD or USB ports. I realize this would require someone to create the application but it may be another solution to recover a bricked system. I've read a little on the Starfall mod and a bit on the SaveMii but from what I can understand neither of these methods can guarantee a recovery. Maybe something like this already exists???? I know I image my computer and whenever it gets messed up I'm back up and running with a fresh system in minutes...just wondering why the same approach couldn't be utilized with the Wii.

    PS: please don't crap all over me for this post.....just looking for some healthy dialogue! [​IMG]
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    I think I understand what you mean.

    Sort of like how people make backup discs of their computer systems so it can be restored if I virus destroys everything.

    Personally I think a recover feature should have been included when the system came out but I guess Nintendo is afraid of people taking the backups of the system apart and hacking it.

    Could try buying a Wiikey, it has a recovery mode feature.
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    The recovery mode on the wiikey is only to recover the modchip when an update goes bad.

    This would be a very cool thing if it was possible, I know that you can backup your NAND. I'm not sure how an image can be made or installed on the wii, although the wii and other gaming consoles are very similar to computers so it should be possible.