Wii Hardmod Best Chip?

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    Jun 11, 2017
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    Hey I want a mod chip that will allow me to play burned games from the wii disk tray. I know this can be done with softmod but I want a project and I want the disks to play through the disk channel. Whats the best chip for Mel?

    4.3e system menu
    White console.

    If possible I would like a chip that doesn't need soldering if that's not possible please any other chip will do.
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    Those facts aren't the important ones, what matters is the model of optical drive you have!

    You can get an idea by searching your serial number on wiidrives.com, but the only 100% reliable way is looking inside the console yourself :)

    Then you will be able to know your options (soldering, wiiclip, inline, unmoddable)
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    You don't really need a modchip to play burned discs through disc channel.
    You can use Priiloader to force Home Menu and Game IOS to 249 and most burned games should work that way. However you may run into issues when running a game (retail or backup) that doesn't support IOS249 (likely base IOS 56), some require base 57 and there's no easy way to switch between them on the fly or automatically like there is with USB loaders.

    Flatmod was the first fully solderless Wii modchip AFAIK, but there are others like it. For any solderless modchip you need a fairly old Wii, the later models completely removed the DVD read functions that all solderless modchips and cIOS use to read burned discs. If your drive supports it, this method is the easiest and should be 100% reliable.
    There are tons of soldered modchips for various drive models that even work with the later models that removed the DVD read functions.
    There is also wii-clip which is supposed to let you use a few different soldered modchips without soldering anything to the Wii, the chip still needs to be soldered to the wii-clip though, unless you find a store that sells them presoldered.
    Before ordering anything you'll have to know your DVD drive model since some chips only work on some models.
    And finding any of these modchips these days might be difficult.
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