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    Jun 28, 2009
    This is very game specific but it is still to do with loading game backups, which is why ive posted this here.

    I have Wii fit installed on my usb drive, plays without any problems.

    When you first play Wii Fit, well actually the second time you play it you get asked if you want to install a Wii Fit Channel which gives you a few stats and lets you launch the game directly- even without having the disc in the drive.

    It would be great if you could load the game threw this channel without having the game disc in and continue the game but it asks to put the game in. You only get access to one of the activities.

    Is there a custom Wii Fit Channel around that does all this but lets you continue using the usb loader version of the game?

    Or even just a homebrewed Wii Fit Channel which loads the backup..

    If you dont have this game this probably isnt going to make much sense to you. I have searched google and other sites and have read that there about a fix that corrects the date when loading threw a custom channel..

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks alot [​IMG]
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    Well, as long as you have your USB drive attached, you could use Yaulct to make a forwarder channel for Wii fit, but what it sounds like you're describing is hacking the Wii Fit channel so that it has an option to start Wii Fit itself. While possible itself, I doubt anybody would take the time to make this a reality.