Wii Disc Reading Problem

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    Dec 23, 2008
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    Hi Guys, i have an extraordinary problem: My Wii can´t read original and burned Games anymore. I tried everything so far, used the Wii lens cleaning kit and even erased all the files on the Wii. When i put the Wii Disc inside, the game can be started, but after starting it, it says: Disc cannot be readed, please put the Disc out ....etc. Ok, i tried many times with many different Discs, but it always remains the same problem.

    When the problem occurs: Yesterday, i played SSBB, then changed the disc to MKW, and then the wii suddenly cannot read discs anymore. My theory is that the hardware or the lens could be possibly damaged or even broken.

    I used to have the HBC, but there were no problems installing it and i could play all the burned games. And now i erased everything on the wii, caused i planned to send it to Nintendo.

    The weird thing is, i STILL can play GameCube discs. Can anyone help me? [​IMG] I still got the Version 3.2E.