Wii Classic Controller Pro (WHITE) Review

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    Wii Classic Controller Pro Review




    I will be reviewing the Classic Controller Pro in White color. Back on launch day, we received a Classic Controller that would be mainly used to accomodate for extra buttons to use and a more comfortable feel for Virtual Console games. Now on August 1st 2009, Nintendo has made an upgraded version of the classic controller called the Classic Controller Pro, releasing both the colors White and Black.

    In this review, I am going to play certain games that I feel that the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro excel in their use, and tell you the differences between the two.



    Changes from original

    To compare the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro, quite a few changes were made for the upgrade.[*]The added grip below the controller[*]ZL and ZR are now behind L and R buttons, and are made alot bigger than L and R[*]The Control Sticks are now farther apart from each other for better comfort[*]The L and R buttons are no longer sponge-like when pressed, rather they are clicky, very similar to the Y,X, A, B buttons.[*]The Feel below the controller has a different finish, a more rough one, but it adds to the grip comfort.[*]The Wire that connects to Wii remote, is now more conveniently placed on top of the controllerIts design is not the most original ( Playstation Dualshock controllers anyone? ), but its still a design that's guaranteed to please as it already has in the past few years.

    That will conclude the changes to the Classic Controller Pro


    The following games were tested for both Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro:
    • Super Mario World
    • Mario Kart 64
    • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    In each game, I can say that the Classic Controller Pro does feel more comfortable in modern games, from Nintendo 64 and onwards. When playing SNES games like Super Mario World. the Classic controller Pro losses its classic Super Nintendo feel with the added grip and re-placement of the ZL and ZR buttons.
    Despite the SNES feel loss, it still shines to be a good controller for all games.

    In Mario Kart 64, the placement of the Control sticks are a much better implementation as it makes control with the control stick much easier (I.E. using Drift boosts is easier now without having to move your thumb WAY out to the center).

    In Super Smash Bros Brawl, the controls are as smooth as the Classic Controller is. As discussed about Mario Kart 64, the placement adds to the comfort for moving easier, and the ZL and ZR buttons are a good back up if L and R is too uncomfortable for you to use. Since the the L and R buttons are no longer as spongy is the Original Classic Controller, expect no lag betwen commands you give using those buttons.

    The Classic Controller Pro is a more comfortable option compared to its predecessor.

    Pros and Cons of Classic Controller Pro

    • The Controller is much more comfortable
    • Expect faster button input when playing
    • Control Sticks are no longer a big lunge and strain for the thumbs
    • The Wire placement on the top makes for a less annoying wire
    • Added Grip and ZL and ZR Buttons get rid of that SNES feel
    • The Cord is STILL very short, and a little more length would be nice
    • Still no rumble support.
    • Control Pad still feels like its not there, almost.
    Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro

    If you are still reading, then you are probably wondering what is the better alternative, or if you should upgrade to the Classic Controller Pro.

    Why go for the Classic Controller?

    You will want to with this if you love your Super Nintendo games and want the SNES feel to them. Also, if you enjoyed using the Gamecube controller, you will no doubt enjoy the spongy shoulder buttons this controller has to offer.

    Why go for the Classic Controller Pro?

    Aside from getting a product that is designed to be new and better (..and for bragging rights LOL), you still have good reason to make this decision. You would like the Classic Controller Pro, if you like a more comfortable controller and are used to controllers having grips, such as the Gamecube Controller and Playstation controllers. You will also want this, because you prefer the best button input speed, and dislike spongy buttons, and would prefer solid clicky buttons (IE. Y,X,A,B buttons). You also want this, because you were tired of the placement of sticks, ZL and ZR buttons, and the Wire below on the Original controller, and again....want it to be more comfortable.

    Upgrade or Get it?

    The following will be in my opinion as I tested both controllers.

    I made the switch already, and I can say that anyone who does the upgrade won't be disappointed.

    If you have not gotten a Classic Controller, certainly do not get an original Classic Controller. Try to buy the new Classic Controller, as it will give you a more comfortable and smooth experience as brought out above.

    If you have original Classic Controllers, you have a choice of upgrading as it is up to you. I would recommend upgrading just for the comfort factor. If you will miss that Super Nintendo Feel, or miss the whole design of the original, then pass on the Classic Controller Pro and stick the original.


    I am very pleased with upgrading from Original Classic Controllers to the new Classic Controller Pro, and with that, I give the Classic Controller Pro the following score:

    9 / 10

    Applause to Nintendo for making a very fine upgrade to the Classic Controller!
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    Great review man, I wish they sold those in America [​IMG]
  3. Technik

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    Just import one last i checked remotes were region free
  4. DDRPenguin

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    Thank you!

    It should be a couple of months before any other countries get these controllers. 30 dollars is a little steep for one controller right now from Japan.
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    Awesome stuff, I think I had heard about this a long time ago, but forgot. Now that you've reminded me, I'll have to see what the cost is to import. [​IMG]
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    I totally forgot these were out in Japan!

    Bought the Black one now xD
  7. davidsl_128

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    Every import site I know imports only to the USA and Canada. If they were physically sold there maybe I could order one from eBay, but no. Man I hate Nintendo of America they never bring over the nice stuff (white gc controllers, anyone?)
  8. kenshin861

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    Try play asia, last time i checked they did ship down here (i'm from Ecuador). I haven't ordered anything from them yet though.

    Play Asia
  9. Jaems

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    I think I'll stick with my Nyko Wireless Wing controller. [​IMG]
  10. naglaro00

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    Jun 5, 2009
    Is it heavier than the original?
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    Ask NSA, KGB, or BND
    looks like an faked xbox 360 controller (on the back and the side) [​IMG]
  12. IzzehO

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    Aug 3, 2008
    I must say it's basically become an almost watered down gamecube controller. Ignoring the fact it has an extra trigger button on the left side, I'd still much prefer my GC controller...
  13. DSGamer64

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    Dude, it's based off the SNES controller layout and anyone who is worth their salt knows that the PS1 controllers were heavily based around the SNES controller, only with wings. This is basically a GC controller with a better D-pad which to be honest is a good thing cause the Wii remote and GC D-pads are bloody tiny.
  14. Anteo

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    only slightly, you can't notice it, its still pretty light.
  15. h8uthemost

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    I've been wondering when these were coming out. I'm going to have to look for sites to import from.

    Nice review.
  16. kampang

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    Aug 7, 2009
    United States
    Can you use this to play GameCube game?

    Because I read the old Classic Controller cannot be used to play GameCube games ...
  17. greenwatch200

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    Feb 3, 2008
    United States
    You can't use any Wii peripherals to play GC games.
  18. pm_41

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    Lurking in my Wii's NAND
    Is there any way to buy this in the USA?
  19. DeMoN

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    Import, or eBay. It's not released in the U.S. yet and I don't think there's a set date.
  20. Priss

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    I did a speed run (all heart containers+poo's/bag slots) of Zelda Ocarina of Time just a little under 6hrs with the regular control.
    This is a game that utilizes all aspects of the controller in it's hardest form.
    -I works fine.
    -Buttons are set up fine.
    -The feel is fine.
    -And you don't find yourself saying "I didn't mean to hit this button!"

    This 'new' control is yet an other attempt by Nintendo to grab your money.
    I'll be keeping my 30-40$ CAN tyvm.