1. gladson

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    Jun 15, 2013
    hello everyone, I've been in a difficult week.
    good come
    I bought my nintendo wii used and it came with a hd with many games and tals,
    but the person who sold me (he is on the other side of the country) had not told me that the game was a lock
    his version is 4.3u wan, and from what I have researched and tried in every way to unlock it and could not.
    because before it send the game to min he restored the system and thus erased the apps and it does not install anything.
    already that it is with the radius of 4.3u Waninkoko.
    good and to make matters worse my situation the website that has the files offline that this is the HackMii and letterbomb.
    compared to letterbomb I used the HackMii WiiBrand more of and I do not need to install the homebrew channel.
    he sent me a Memory Card with the wii nand pure in 4.2 but have not they been restoring this without homebrew.
    I do not know what to do someone help me?
    My biggest problem is that even this am with this wan no 4.3u homebrew channel and boot.
    sorry my english, because I'm using google translate
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