Wifi problems.

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    I need help with a tablet that won't gain access to internet. Is conneced to the network, but it has no connection speed. it says is 0 MBPS which isn't right. The wifi indicator has orange bars instead of white, i tried mostly everything but format. I can't do that since is not mine so any help would be appreciated.

    It was working months in advance but now is just not, i dunno what the person did but i assume is not their fault cause they hardly install or download things on to it. So i dunno.

    • Reset router/network (reboot)
    • Restart device
    • Switching wifi option on and off.
    • Clear cashe (with recover menu)
    • Check network status (looked at server status of router)
    I seriously dunno what to do now, so if anyone can help i would appreciate it. Again, is connected to access point but is not gaining internet access. All i get is google apps are not working messages obviously unable to access internet. :(

    I forgot to mention, sometimes it loses connection entirely and says (Not in range) even though I am standing right next to it. I can see other access points but the ones in my home network does not appear to be in range at all? :unsure:
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