Why do you want to work for our company?

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    I'm looking for a job right now and I'm stuck on this very common and difficult question.

    So far I've gone on about how great the company is blah blah blah praising their interaction with the community, going green and all the other stuff I can find on their website and Facebook page. Right now I'm trying to work out what skills of mine I can bring to their company and why I should be the one to get the job. I'm applying for a kitchen job at a restaurant and have experience in retail food.
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    Can't say I've ever done this myself BUT! what I have been told is:

    "When a company asks you this question, they don't actually want to hear how great they are. The company already knows how great they are. They're the fuckin' best. What they do what to hear is why you want this type of job in particular, why you like/dislike that job, why them over someone else. Basically, why do this instead of living with your parents and napping on the couch all day."
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  3. Costello

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    Honestly, no matter what happens during the interview, they aren't going to hire you (or dump you) based on THIS particular question.
    It's meaningless and they don't really expect anything from it.
    Say something generic, just try not to slip up and you'll be fine...
  4. ShadowSoldier

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    Just say that you feel it would be an excellent place to utilize and expand upon your skills.
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    I forgot
    The "right" answer would be something similar to what SS says, "I want to expand upon my skills and x company seems like a good place to do it".

    Though you can always try "Cuz I'm broke". That's always fun.
  6. Gahars

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    A) "Because I want to make you work for me."
    B) "Because I need to feed my crippling cocaine/sex/Pokemon addiction."
    C) "I don't."

    Avoid any of the above and you'll be fine.
  7. FireGrey

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    Apr 13, 2010
    "Because I need a fucking job you nut-tard."
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  8. kristianity77

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    Easy this one. Just tell them that you feel that you have the skills necessary for the role (pointing out if needed parts of your CV). Then rather than arse licking the company outright, just tell them that on top of bringing your skills to the table, the company (and role) looks like it could develop you further and that hopefully it could introduce you to new things as well. Its important to let them know in the interview in a roundabout way, that you know your skills are suited, but that you know there is always an area to learn new things and improve. Works for me anyway.
  9. wolffangalchemist

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    I honestly don't see this qestion being the issue it really is mostly about being able make a good impression. It also will boil down to how desprate they are to fill the position so going for jobs thought off as hard or unsavory to most is a good idea. All that said odds are you'll get hired when you stop tring so hard to get hired, atleast that was the case with me 4 months ago when i got hired after a interview that i went into in dirty black tee shirt and jeans not giving a fuck.
  10. Supercool330

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    This is sort of a tough question. I tend to agree with Costello that it generally doesn't matter, but some people use this question to determine cultural fit, which can be very important some places. On that note, I completely agree with PityOnU, no company wants you to tell them why they are awesome, they all ready know this. They are trying to determine how well you will fit in to the culture. The important things to discuss in answer to this question is what experience you have that will provide benefit to them, and what in particular they have that will make you passionate about your job and allow you to grow. An employer likes to hear that there is something unique about them that will encourage you to work harder.

    Here are a couple examples:

    My sister is studying business and applying for a role as a sales person at a clothing boutique. She can honestly say that her academic background in sales and marketing will help her to sell products to customers, and she can gain real world experience in an area that she is passionate about, clothing and shoes.

    I studied computer science, with a decent background in graphics and systems design. I worked at medical imaging company and when I applied, I discussed how my skills could help to develop their products, and how I was interested in the medical field because I felt that it has an important impact on peoples lives.

    In your case, you could talk about how your experience in retail food could help your perspective employers, and if there is something unique about the food they serve, how you are interested in learning more about. e.g. it is a Mexican restaurant, and you are interested in expanding your experience in cooking Hispanic foods.

    You still want to be honest though, and ideally there is something about this place in particular that is appealing to you (maybe it is the only decent restaurant is a small town, and that is a fine reason too), but if the answer is simply that you need a job and you think that they are the best fit and that you would enjoy working there more than anywhere else, than that is a perfectly valid answer. However, interviewers tend to be decent at picking up on bullshit, so don't give a bullshit "I love this restaurant, it's the best" sort of answer (especially if that isn't the case).

    In the end though, I suspect with this sort of job application that there is some practical component, such as cook this dish and we will taste it (for programming jobs there is always a decent amount of programming). These sort of practical components are way more important than any individual verbal response, so don't sweat it too much. Work experience is also a really important factor in job applications, generally more so than interviews. If you can give eloquent succinct answers to the verbal questions though, it can definitely give you an edge over other applicants, as regardless of the job, employers are always looking for intelligent and competent employees.
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    "Well, I'll be honest, it wasnt my first choice."
  12. dice

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    I would imagine that you would have genuine reasons for wanting to work for company (other than the obvious - money). Would you eat shit everyday for a decent living? Probably not (if you had alternative options). If you have no genuine reason for wanting to apply/hear more about the opportunity, unless you're a good bullshitter you're probably not going to get very far.

    You saying Right now I'm trying to work out what skills of mine I can bring to their company and why I should be the one to get the job. can be used as a genuine reason for applying for a job (i.e. you have experience in this field, enjoyed performing the job, is a career you wish to follow and think you can contribute to the company). You can refer to the company website which shows that you've done your research - rather than applying on a whim. I would assume that this is the main reasoning behind the question.