Why do custom firmwares have weird names?

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    Jun 10, 2019
    I was just wondering why do cfws have strange names like henkaku and henkaku ENSO + what's the difference between ENSO and non ENSO Rebug and Haxhi,Coldboot Hachi, cobra,DD wart,hya cfw,lme,free mcboot, molecular shell,also what is the point of cfw if you can't customize it,and There are more
    Sidenote:Haxhi or Coldboot what the difference
    Sidenote2:why do exploits have crazy names to like Trinity, Illuminati,Lenny face,I think it should be called the Lumos Maxima exploit Because Lumimes and it unlocks the full potential of the PSP,
    I feel like I'm done an answer would be appreciated
    And I suck at formation and spelling
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    You have lots of questions here, but I will just focus on the CFW naming question:

    They're named weird things because they are generally made by either one person, or a small group of people, who then want to emphasize their creativity when it comes to naming their creation/discovery. Just like you made up your own name in your post. There is also no expectation of professionalism from these community creations, so they just call it whatever they want, basically.

    It's also worth pointing out that companies (commercial products) often have strange names as well. Sony had the XMB (cross media bar) with the PS3, Microsoft had the Metro UI, the Nintendo Switch OS is called Horizon. Google names its Android OS's after desert snacks. Etc. Etc.
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    Jun 10, 2019
    But do these words have a meaning like henkaku I heard it's Japanese and same with ENSO if I named these cfws I would least give it a meaning like what you said about xmb android sweets the reason why there named after sweets is because they make our lives sweeter so there named after sweets xmb there just trying to be creative and I LOVE the xmb because of it I sold my vita for a PSP because it was on 3.71 and I love my xmb
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    Erm... I'd rather not. Unique names are easier to Google. And a sounding name needs expectations that might not be fulfilled upon first release.

    Oh, and... I normally don't get personal, but it's pretty ironic that you claim to want meaningful names despite having one of the blandest nicknames I've ever seen. :P
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    For one, henkaku means many things, but overall they're related to a change/revolution in what a Vita can do. Enso is a Zen Buddhist symbol related to circle of togetherness, which looks something like a broken circle; I'd assume this relates to how Enso allows henkaku from boot (ie, always) but it works through an exploit (a broken part of the system). You can probably, if you researched, find explanations for different cfw names. Google is your friend. It shouldn't take much to find out some explanation for most.
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    coldboot is not an exploit name, it's a state of the boot process.
    it means booting the console from "cold" state, shutdown state > power > boot !
    in opposition to softboot (reset the device without shutdown)

    if an exploit is "coldboot" it means that it's applied automatically right at console boot, and you don't have anything to do to get CFW.
    Haxchi (hax being the contraption to hacking, browserhax = browser hacking), is not a coldboot exploit, you launch it yourself after booting the console.
    cold boot hax chi (CBHC) is patching the console automatically at boot, you don't need to manually launch a channel yourself to get into CFW.

    I'm not sure what the "chi" means in haxchi. maybe channel? or maybe it was related to the NDS game used by the exploit method? no idea. only Fix94 knows why he chose this name ;)

    On each console, lot of exploit and homebrew names are based after the console's name or its old code name or CPU/GPU codename themself.
    for example, on Wii, the chipset are nicknamed "Hollywood" and "broadway" (officially), hackers unofficially nicknamed additional cpu functions "Starlet". all released homebrew had a tend to have two i in their names to look like Wii (ftpii, etc.)
    The WiiU project name is "CAFE" (french for coffee), homebrew had names in relation to café :latte, Mocha, cafeiine (yeah, lot of homebrew kept the double i as it's still compatible with the wii), and the "iine" became another trend too for example with "loadiine", "emuliine", "injectiine".
    Gamecube project name was "dolphin", that's why the emulator uses this name.
    3DS installable file package name is "cia", hackers decided to call the CIA file format installer "FBI" to make it funny, etc.

    same for the Switch, the console code name was "NX", and therefore lot of homebrew or hacks are using "NX" instead of "switch". it's operating system is called Horizon, the exploit launcher is named "fusée" (french for Launcher/rocket, rocket to launch a payload beyond the horizon), and CFW followed the trend and kept it all about space/spaceship.
    It has a very weird "french word" trend too. Fusée, atmosphère, etc., now a little Mythology too (hekate, and other homebrew names)

    not all, but most names have an origin, meaning and an unsaid trend to keep them all about a specific subject. it's more for fun than a real serious naming convention.

    As for PSP/Vita, I always thought "hen" in henkaku or other exploit name was for Homebrew EN(abler). HEN is a temporary state of the console where you can access and launch homebrew, like haxchi for the WiiU it's not a persistent exploit and you have to launch the hack every time to "enable" it again, as opposed to full CFW state for the PSP with replaced files on the internal memory (M33, GEN, TZS, Pro etc.)
    It probably became "henkaku" later for vita using the "hen" acronym with a name with a meaning. Maybe I'm wrong for Henkaku, I didn't follow Vita scene at all. but I'm pretty sure for "hen" being homebrew enabler.

    maybe HEN is only a user-level exploit? you can launch homebrew, but no game backup/unsigned app? it enables only homebrew?
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    I forgot
    You would be correct, Henkaku's name initially started with HEN for Homebrew Enabler (it's actually stylized HENkaku on the Henkaku install site), although whether yifan meant Henkaku to mean "Revolution" or "Change" as noted above isn't 100% clear, since both Henkaku and Kaku are words in Japanese (with kaku generally meaning "to write/draw/put down").
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