Hardware Which (philips?) screwdriver for switch?

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Aug 16, 2012

I am searching the correct screwdriver for the switch, I have the correct triwing one, but I am missing the + (or Philips?) scredriver to open the screws on the side of the switch.
I would like to avoid buying again a switch scredriver set, since I just bought one from Amazon, but the screwdrivers didn't fit at all.

First I thought I only need to buy the triwing, since I could manage to open the screw under the momory card and the ones at the top and button of the switch, so I bought a 1.6mm triwing, which fits perfectly.
However, after I got it, I had problems with the screws at the side of the switch (left and right, where you have to remove the center ones), I know that these should be the same type, as the ones on top and button, but since the screwdriver I have fits very poorly, I was unable to open these.
So I decided to give up with the tools I have to not damage the screws further and buy also the correct size for these ones.
I somewhere read it should be Philps 00 (or 0)?, but I live in Japan and searching these on Amazon, I couldn't really find one (perhaps they are called differently in Japan).

Can someone confirm to me the correct size and if possible even better find on Amazon Japan an apropriate driver, I would really appreciate it.

By the way I pass a KOHNAN on my way back home, so if someone knows if they also have it, please let me know.

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