Which one to choose?

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    hi guys again.

    I'm getting a Dsi in about 2 weeks and i've heard that the dsi is immune to the Flash carts. But i've also heard that they made even more Flash carts to make it run on Dsi. So i've heard abou tthe DSTTi, Acekard2i and the R4i Ultra. Please note the next ones that are coming soon. I'm wondering which flash cart to get and which is the best one? I've also seen a vid of a guy testing out 28 flash carts on his DSi (lol thats a lot). ere is the vid :


    I saw my own Flash cart ( DSTT) did not work on the Dsi. So which one to get???

    And if i'm getting one, which site would i trust to buy my flash cart?? I live in Australia. ( I think Quantronics is the best one to trust but you decide)
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    Never buy any card with R4 in its name.