Which one? NTR CFW Selector or NTR CFW?

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    So I begin to open my 3DS and grab my stylus to tap on 'NTR CFW' application.
    When it starts up I get the following prompt..

    #Firmware unkown
    #Detected firm: 2.55.0
    Press any key to reboot

    As I was completely confused by this I went to 'NTR CFW SELECTOR'

    Once in I get a 3,2,1 countdown and suddenly the same error prompts itself..


    #Firmware unkown
    #Detected firm: 2.55.0
    Press any key to reboot

    So I went to the Internet for help on my problem but whenever I watched a video on updating
    they never give full detail on the CFW. I even came on the forums to try to see if anyone else has the same problem but

    people would just give a link to the release of NTR CFW but it's a .ZIP.

    I'm confused and stuck on which NTR CFW to update and if I need both of them to f*** use cheat plugins..
    If anyone could help me and direct me in the right direction that would be great thank you!

    P.S: I updated Luma,GodMode and FBI so those are fine.

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    Side note, customized posts are actually against the rules.
    What you need to do is download the latest version of BootNTR selector and install that.
    It doesn't matter what banner you use, they should all funtion the same.
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