1. Brannon

    OP Brannon Member

    Aug 27, 2009
    So there are now so many and more coming these mods, so which ones are the ones to get? I have been playing many of them, but as they are really hard for the most part, I don't know are there all the worlds with new levels and which ones are combined?

    Like there is Old Super Mario Bros and then there is New Super Mario Bros Retro Remix. Should I get them both?

    Another example is NSMB: The Other P which according to this http://groups.google.com/group/free.pt/bro...7f656db94?fwc=1 combines levels from many of the mods.

    Well simply put, which ones you think I should get? I have no problem getting them all, except I would rather keep duplicates and the really buggy ones away from my hdd and Wii.

    PS. What other custom games with new levels/tracks are worth trying?
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