which loader to use?

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    alright, so I've just hacked up my wii using modmii, and i've got a lot of homebrew and wiiware/virtual console games, but I now want to run wii and gamecube backups

    I've done some research and found that the two best loaders are configurable usb loader and wiiflow, I'm going to be running my games off of an sd card until I get a usb hdd (and recommendations on what i should get?)

    I'm thinking about going with wiiflow as it appears to have better documentation and seems to be fairly popular

    I can't finish downloading a game today, so I'll come back tomorrow after having tried using Wiiflow and report my success (or failure)

    well i guess i kind of answered my own question, but i would still like input on everything i've done and what you think I should do, and a recommendation for a good harddrive (i'm thinking of partitioning it ntfs/fat32 so I can store my media in ntfs and my games etc. in fat32)

    Edit: I see in the documentation that I have to place the games in specific order