which hardware is better, raspberry pi 2 or nN3DS?

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    Which hardware is better, Raspberry pi 2 or nN3DS?

    I ask this because I am thinking about replacing my old 2007 setup with a Raspberry pi 2. My current comp freezes and... I saw the Raspberry pi 2 running windows 10 and running quake 3 at 600fps so I wondered is the raspberry pi 2 is better than the nN3DS.

    Also since there is no way to hack the nN3DS for HMDI out and USB out then It probably be better that get Raspberry pi 2

    Also a flashcard for the nN3DS that provides I/O will probably with more expensive than just a Raspberry pi 2 bough.

    I think I should go with R2 than wait for the nN3DS to get those. Just 35 u.s dollars..

    Still, which is better?
  2. zoogie

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    For playing games, n3ds is better (unless you're talking emulation). For pure hardware specs, rp2 is better.
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    Well, the rp2 can't play 3DS or N3DS games, even with the more advanced hardware. The N3DS has two color displays, how many does the rp2 have? The rp2 has usb ans hdmi output but the N3DS don't.

    The N3DS isn't advertised as being a credit card sized computer. I don't think you should be comparing the two items like this since they both serve different purposes.

    For $35, you can get a rp2 to play with when your N3DS needs a break. $35 is a base price, you still need a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and if your don't already have those then you need to buy them, not to mention a power source and case for the pi. So $35 gets you just a motherboard.
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    the pi2 isnt really a pc replacement unless you want sub netbook specs and limited to linux , win10 for the pi2 also will not be a full os, from the stuff /videos right now on the preview there is no desktop, its more of a front end for developers
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    I work a lot with Rasperry Pis and use them for various project.
    But I would not use them as a full desktop replacement.

    If you need a desktop replacement then better get a min PC with an intel processor. There are a lot of cheap once on the market with Baytrail chips and a free windows 8.1.

    it works for basic computer tasks.
    If you have a budget over 300 USD then you could buy an Intel NUC and if you are interested build a hackintoch out of it to run apple OS X as your main operating system
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    Apples and oranges mate.
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    The third option would be to get something like the JXD s7800b. It has HDMI and runs Android games, emulation (including DC and N64), plays HD movies, etc. for less than a 3DS. No 3DS emulation (yet?) of course. The drawback is a battery life about half that of the 3DS.
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    I'm not sure how you can compare the two. They're completely different devices, for completely different purposes.
    I wouldn't run Windows 10 on the rpi2, it doesn't even have a GUI and you have to use a PC to launch programs. It's for developers only.
    The rpi2 makes a great media center, retro emulation box and SteamBox (you can use Limelight/Moonlight to stream PC games to it with a nvidia card) and basically turns any TV into a smart TV, it does well enough at casual computer tasks like browsing facebook and watching YouTube. But that's about all it's good for unless you're a developer/tinkerer.
  9. DjoeN

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    Get both :D
    But like said before, it all depends on what you want to do with it.
    I use my RPi2 as a fully automated tv show downloader (SickRage, Sabnzbd and autosub) and kodi as mediaplayer on it connected to my tv.
    (My old Rpi Model B act as a Homepass with SpillPass v1.6)

    Steambox, didn't know that, damned, have to check that out :)
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    I'm not sure if OP isn't a Troll. If not: a N3DS is not a general purpose computer. You just... can't. A Raspberry Pi won't replace a desktop PC, it just... doesn't. Even if it did run Windows 10 (which it doesn't) you would still have the problem of different CPU architecture. "But.. but... there's Windows 10 for Raspberry?? I've seen it in the news?" Yes, there is, but it's Windows 10 IoT (=Internet of Things), it doesn't run a GUI and you only have shell access (=from command line). It's nice for experimenting, but it doesn't have anything to do with the Windows you're used to.

    Get a cheap desktop PC to replace your old one. You won't have to spend more than 200 EUR for something halfway decent that runs office, an internet browser and let's you play movies.
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    Should I get a bicycle or a tennis racket?
  12. DjoeN

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    a bicycle for sure: It's way more multipurpose usable then a tennis racket!
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    but its kinda hard to swing a bicycle at a tennis ball on the courts, and i'm not 100% sure it conforms to the ITF regulations tbh
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    Damned didn't think about the ITF regulations ;)
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