Which card should I get for my 3ds?

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    Aug 20, 2011
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    I got my 3ds 2 weeks ago, and I already updated it to get ambassador status. What is the difference between Acecard2 and DSTWO? Which one should I get and where should I buy it from? I have a DS Lite and DSi if that matters.
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    DSTwo is better, it has a 400Mhz MIPS processor on the Card itself so it can do it's own processing, watch AVI video's without need to convert them, Play GBA games directly on DS/3DS Downfall is the price compared to the Acecard2. It's a little more expensive, although it's now about £28 i think.
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    As far as where to go, GBAtemp affiliate Shoptemp has a section listing US-based e-shops so you don't have to wait on overseas shipping:
    I've had good experience with Realhotstuff, but you're welcome to comparison shop.

    As far as which card to get, I also recommend the DStwo, because the Supercard team is remarkably fast with updates to get around the periodic 3DS Updates that block flash carts.

    DStwo has more features and a better build quality. There's also some DStwo-specific homebrew that take advantage of the additional processing power.

    I have two AK2i flashcarts as well, but mostly for use with my DS Lite / ez-Flash 3-in-1 for perfect GBA gameplay (emulation of GBA isn't always satisfactory with DStwo).

    For a chart which lays out the specific differences, see: