Where do you get your Argon installed??

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Feb 16, 2008
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    Okay soo i got the modchip (Argon for the Wii) and by reading all the posts its was saying 13 or 17 wires soo i was like OKAY i think i can do this (experince from school) i opened it up and ACTUALLY saw what i had to solder and I COULDNT even see anything (BAD close eye sight) i mean like i saw what i had to solder but it was just soo freakin small...soo i didnt even mess with it....

    Now i have to look for someone who DOES know how to install this and can do it ( and trying to be cheap about it, because i ALREADY paid about a 100 for the Modchip and the USB updater thing, and the Wii its self which was like 266 with tax, AND the Zelda game becaues i was soooo impatient)!!! soo any ideas?? [​IMG]

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