When uninstalling CFW, what counts as " modified critical system software"

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    I'm uninstalling CFW, and the page warns that you will brick your console if you have modified critical system software. What counts as modified critical system software?
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    I gues on earth.
    system apps.
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    Feb 13, 2015
    Basically anything that must be loaded: Home, most kernel drivers, the system font, (de facto) the keyboard, ...

    As examples of non-critical stuff (= won't break your system if it fails to load because it's unsigned): Game Notes, 3DS Camera, Face Raiders, ...
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    @Adam_Elhalawany, you should keep CFW if it can be helped. Uninstalling CFW carries a high risk of softbricking your system. If you have a preflashed NTRboot flashcart on the ready, this will help in unbricking if uninstalling CFW goes awry. Here's the tale of my n3DSXL CFW removal attempts & brickings in this thread.

    If you're selling the system, I would just Format System Memory, update to boot9strap v1.3, and place Luma3DS v9.1 on CTRNAND with no options selected in Luma3DS configuration.

    If this is a gift for someone, like a younger child, who is better off having an OFW-like setup, follow the additional step of substituting the boot.firm on the SD card with Rei-Six like in this post.
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