What's the difference between EDGE and CycloDS?

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  1. Link5084

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    Aug 6, 2008
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    The EDGE looks awfully like the CycloDS. Is it just a poor clone? What does Cyclo have that EDGE doesn't have?
  2. DeMoN

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    No Real time save
    None of the CycloDS's beta features
    Less support from team
    Build quality not as good (MicroSDs stick out)
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    The Cyclo DS has more Frequent Updates, good forum support, Real-Time save, In game Menu, In game cheat options, slow-motion, 2MB built-in memory for Firmware.

    The Edge uses Cyclo DS themes and a look alike menu system. But not the same firmware, nor when you compare pictures does it has the same Printed circuit board design and doesn't physically look like a Cyclo DS (go to reviews at gbatemp to compare pics) You will see the Cyclo DS uses what looks like Ball Grid array soldered chips while the EDGE has legs that stick out the side of the chip that is soldered down to the PCB, many of the components are not even in the same location. So unless you have a schematic I don't see anywhere they are really the same in design.

    If it was the same schematic wise then the Cyclo DS would be the high-end/tech build of the 2.

    Now I'm hearing but cannot confirm reports that the EDGE uses less power than the Cyclo DS, so might be a plus for game play time for the EDGE.

    I've upgraded recently from my R4DS, and loving my new EDGE card. Its low budget, its simple to use, and it works great.

    EDIT: for the guy above me posted about the microSD card sticking out, I can confirm mine fits flush with the card and does not stick out, Only the first batch did that.
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    About $30. You can get an EDGE for under $25. A CycloDS will cost over $50.
    I think about $5 or $10 difference would be fair.

    They are almost identical. I have both. I use my EDGE much more than I play with my Evo.
    I would agree with all of the opinions above except for build quality.
    My EDGE is definitely made better than my Evo. It is VERY difficult to insert and remove the TF card from the Evo.
    I need to wait a day or two for my thumbnail to grow back before I can remove the Evo TF again.

    The Evo comes in a nice useful metal box, EDGE comes in an unusual but useless "rad" cardboard triangle.
    They both come with a nice USB adapter - the Evo version is better looking, but it is also very hard to insert the TF card.
    I am afraid my card is going to break before it finally makes a good contact. These are probably random differences.

    I like both EDGE and Evo better than any others, and I have tried almost all the flash cards.
    I am using 1.40 firmware for EDGE. 1.5b2 for Evo.

    Buy an EDGE! Later, if $ is not an issue, get an Evo too.

    Soft Reset (ABLRXY) on EDGE returns you to the Main Menu.
    Evo has an ingame menu: Return to Game, Text Reader, SlowMotion, LCD Brightness, Realtime Save/Restore, Main Menu.
    This Evo menu, the forum (when it is up) and the metal box are worth something extra - but NOT over twice the price of an EDGE!
    I just updated my Evo firmware and wrecked my thumbnail (again).

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