What's the appropriate age to let your dog start

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by WeaponXxX, Jul 13, 2007.

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    I got me a puppy a few days ago and its been a while since I owned a dog so I forget some things....I recently found out that the 7 year dog ratio to 1 human years is slightly off...a 7 year old dog is actually 45 in human years. But then I realized I have been in America too long cause I forgot most countries don't have drinking ages...so what is the most appropriate year in your opinion to let my puppy start drinking alcohol? Obviously I don't want her stunt her learning process....so gimme some feedback GBAtempers!!!
  2. superrob

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    Why give an animal your bear?
    And why should they get it anyway.
    Whats funny about a dog that cant find out whats heaven or earth?
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    I had a doberman several years ago, it scoffed a plate of hot cross buns which proceeded to get him very drunk when the yeast done what it does.

    Not sure about your problem but an amusing anecdote.

    Oh and usual jab at the 21 lack the US has going on, it was endlessly amusing to watch 20 year olds asking people to buy alcohol for them when I was 18.
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    You're dog is old enough to drink alcohol when you are no longer an idiot.

    Sorry, but I frown greatly on animal abuse, and yes, giving your dog alcohol is a form of abuse. Most animals do not tolerate alcohol in the same way that humans do, and can be extremely dangerous causing permanent liver damage amongst other things very quickly.
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    3 dog human years, you don't want it in jail.
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    I totally agree with you however my friends roll with a free choice policy....they don't fuck their pets up on purpose however if there is a line on the table, a joint on the dresser, or half a quart a beer in the kitchen...the pets have free choice....I don't want to be "that pet owner" that's a total square...I mean Bob's cat does extacy like every not, Karren's dog smokes more weed than Woody Harrelson...not to mention Jim's Pitbull....who May be an alcoholic.....he (the pitbull not Jim) comes home from work (He is a boar hunter) so he comes home from work and just pounds back a few beers. (Poor dog has terrible choice too cause he drinks Bud Light....ewww)....so the way I see it I can be one of "those owners" that forbids such actions...and my pet does it behind my back or....I can explain the dangers and let her use her own choice brain...you know it really doesn't help either that I drink and smoke....what a hypocrite I am eh? I caught her smoking a cigar the other day and I am yelling at her meanwhile I got a stoggie hanging out of MY mouth...she gave me those eyes...."I learned it FROM YOU"...I told her though when she is older she can choose to weigh out the choices of fine tobacco, stress release, and mouth cancer....or living a clean bill of health...You know pups though...you really can't be everywhere...you go to a dog park and talk to another dog owner....one of us tosses a ball....the two dogs run into the woods...get high and fuck...doggy style....and then bring back the ball laughing that we are none the wiser to their shenanigans!!!
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    i say the earlier the better. get some jd in her and she wont want to drink for a while!

  8. .TakaM

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    after it gets married


    But seriously, I've known people that got their pets high and drunk..
    they really didn't look like they were enjoying it.
    dogs especially have more fun just going for a run or chasing a ball
  9. iTech

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    Jun 14, 2007
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    I'm not sure if it's just an urban legend or not, but I always heard that giving puppies alchohol on a daily basis stuns their growth.
    If you wanna breed that dog argentino with a chihuaua, that's one way of doing it. Unfortuantely, the chihuaua needs to be fed alchohol as well during the pregnancy in order to prevent her uterus from exploding, by causing Fetal Alcolohol Syndrome. I mention it's unfortunate, because that would be funny.
  10. squirt1000

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    Jul 14, 2003
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    My dog got drunk once after drinking red wine out of a dripping wine tap. He was grumpy and ill for days. Not nice and would never let him near booze again! [​IMG]
  11. juggernaut911

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    Wine (Red Wine I think) is good for a dog's heart!
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    not really juggernaugt.

    animals can't really make the choice of getting high or not, if you leave the weed or beer around for them, they'll eat or drink it without knowing it makes them high. sounds fairly obvious but the average stoner logic is surprising sometimes.