What you think about "NVidia Shield Android TV"

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    So i'm thinking about buying a NVidia Shield Android TV, "to replace my old not used anymore AppleTV2 and very pain in the *** Chromecast" for MultiMedia fun (Kodi/Plex/NetFlix/etc...) Emulation and (Android) Gaming.

    Anyone has some first hands experience with it?
    - How's emulation on it and how good is gaming Android games on it (I know you can stream PC games from your pc and you have a paid subscribtion for streaming games)
    - What about controllers? can i use other console controllers on it (x360/ps3)

    Main purpose is Streaming media from an external hdd (that is connected to my Rpi2 and the Rpi2 is fully automated to find and download my Anime TV shows over usenet) in my network with Kodi or to my tv, Gaming is a nice extra to it, specially Android games ;) (I don't game anymore on my PC)

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    I ordered one when it came out 01.10.2015.
    It has a few flaws but overall i think its great.
    The Shield does not support interlaced resolutions and also check the possible resulution by itself. That way you cant do any settings other then 50Hz and 60Hz. I got an old 1080i TV but im forced to run the shield in 720p.
    You have no sound settings aswell. However Netflix supports Suround Sound if the Stream got some. Netflix works great btw.
    Did try Kodi 15.1 works fast and well but has issues with DVD or BD Iso playback. Normal other Video files work ok so far.
    The speech search works great.

    Emulation there are some videos on youtube, that seems pretty decent. I havent looked into it yet.
    Gamestreaming i could not test i only have 16k DSL, you need at least VDSL 50k to use it.
    PC Steaming, i have no real use for it yet so i did not try that also.

    I had some issues with the controller, because it would not turn on. Had to factory reset it.
    There are no instructions inside, you will need to look online or figure it out on your own.

    You cant turn the unit compleately off, just set it to sleep mode. If you ask me sleep mode seems only to shut down the display nothing else.

    The controller is ok and similar to a XBox 360 one. Just bigger, more heavy and dpad and analog stick changed.

    So as it is now it cant replace my old Mediaplayer for playing ISOs and resulution settings, but for Emulation and all other Onlinestuff its pretty awesome.

    If you got a remote that can learn, you can download the android app Anymote and download the shield profile. With a Smartphone with IR diode you can use it to control the shield or to teach your other remote.
    I did use a Samsung S4 Mini but the S4 got also a diode. Not sure about other phones, my personal does not have one too.
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    I think it is a pretty dank application m8. It deserves some free memes.
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    Well if your looking into emulation, dolphin has been geting regular updates for it and I go back to it once and a while. Last time smash bros melee is full speed with slite amount of lag. Dont get the one on the android store us the build bot. https://buildbot.dolphin-emu.org/builders/release-android Open the newist one then goto logfiles and download the apk.