What would you like for Christmas?


I like cute stuff.
Aug 31, 2015
Budakeszi, Hungary
A real nice Wish.
Please write a Letter,put it in the Window on a Plate with Cookies and Milk and hope that Mikulás get it.
And then hope that Jézuska or maybe also Télapó fulfills your wish.Good Luck.
I see what you were trying to do here (trying, for whatever reason, to reply with Hungarian cultural elements), but you kinda failed.
Télapó and Mikulás are the same person (Santa Claus) and he has nothing to do with Christmas. He has his own holiday named after him and it's basically a second Easter in winter but with chocolate Santas.
Jézuska (Baby Jesus; yes, really) is the one bringing presents in Christmas, but he doesn't have much to do with the letter in the window thing.

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    or else ima make my steak mountain
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    Mah steak burrito ER or a gyro
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    but yea you guys over there in US, you have the mexican culture closer....well greece is a lot closer here than spain etc either, not to mention mexico itself lol
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    plus as I mentioned, some towns/cities have a sizable greek population from way back
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    America is 50% Mexico
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    and you might make it more like taco
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    I'll take authentic Mexican food any day
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    youhave no idea what you're missing with authentic greek food
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    Tbf I could knock on my neighbors door and get it
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    brb..dinner's ready
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    had mexican food like burritos or tamales so often i lost count
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    Those sauce bottles better not have a store brand name on them :angry:
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    America is a very big continent with 42.55 million km², and Mexico have 1.973 million km² which is 4.5 % of total area
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    I made a taco bell style Combination burrito last night for dinner
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    who know if they're not made in china also:whip:
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    People will always see America and instantly think uptight Caucasian people with bad food but not the case at all lol
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    taco bell has mexican food? never been there
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    i stick to the meat section
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    [faaarrrrtt] Oh the beans are STILL in effect :tpi::rofl2:
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    It has tacos
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    Juan burned down the last taco bell in Mexico
    K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2: Juan burned down the last taco bell in Mexico +1