what should i get for christmas?

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    get the switch now ONLY if there is a game on it that you are dying to play.

    otherwise go for a ps4 (or pro) the ps4 is a beast and has tons of good games.

    if you end up going for the ps4, just save up for the switch.
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    Is it an either/or decision?
    From where I sit the switch is a bit light on current games, a bit light on future games, a bit light on hacks, a bit high on price, a bit likely to see a price drop and/or a new revision hit (are we really not expecting a switch xl/switch lite any time soon)? That is also leaving aside concerns about the longer term reliability of the hardware, something which would probably still eclipse a library on par with the GBA or DS at this stage for me.

    If the PS4/xbone does not do it for you now* then it is not likely to change any time soon -- its library and sorts of games it does is well established. The switch could but the question then becomes are you missing out on a party** by not having one now and waiting for a price drop, better games or a hardware revision? Similarly there are millions out there in the world so you are going to be able to find one later in life.

    *I can see it. Even as someone that greatly enjoyed the 360 this current go around on consoles is a bit meh with nothing I am going to really remember in 10 years. More than enough for some mechanical/time wasting fun but if I had to put a finger on it then they are playing it too safe but at the same time have not yet cracked game design such that playing it safe really works.

    **all the games will still be there, it is a Nintendo console so it is not like the multiplayer scene will have moved on (and most multiplayer games these days are pathologically driven to be accessible to all at any amount of play time) and no console game has ever done a transitory game like an ARG, or even a particularly stateful mmo (I am not counting Defiance). This pretty much leaves "are your friends all toting switches and wanting to do link cable play?".

    Make decisions for me thread so song
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    didn't you read i already have skyrim for pc so of course i have a decent one
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    Is the portability of the Switch a big plus for you? I use my Switch docked like 95% of the time since it's too big for my pockets and I'm not about to carry around a bag just for the Switch.

    If you're like me then it just comes down to exclusives. Both consoles have some really good ones, but I absolutely loved Bloodborne. BotW was really good, but nowhere near Bloodborne. I haven't finished Odyssey, yet, but it's been fun so far. I let the hype get to me and bought Splatoon 2 even though I had the first one on Wii U and disliked it. Splatoon 2 ended up being my most regretted Switch purchase so far, Gonner being second most regretted. Mario Kart 8 was good, but after 3 starring mirror mode I haven't touched it. Maybe I'll try 200cc at some point. Never tried Arms, it doesn't look like it's for me.

    PS4 has Persona, Project Diva, The Last of Us and Uncharted, all of which I really like. At the moment there are only two games I'm looking forward to; Shin Megami Tensei V and The Last of Us 2.

    The Switch is light on rhythm games at the moment, which is one of my favorite genres. Tbh, because of this even my Vita gets more use than my Switch. That might change when Superbeat Sonic is released for the Switch, though since that's the game I've been most playing on my Vita.
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    No but some of the games should start dropping in price, especially used.
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    Jun 15, 2014
    Switch. if your internet is fast enough you can play PlayStation exclusives on your PC via PSNow.
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    I'd suggest getting the Switch if you can only get one, but Ps4 if you can get both. The ps4 has a lot more to offer at the moment, but the switch will pick up soon and becoming an OP console. I prefer my switch personally, but that's because I am stoked for SMT V/Fire Emblem, and am enjoying Zelda/Mario. I only use my PS4 for Persona 5, Dark souls and Nier Automata at the moment.
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    I understood the PC was yours and the question was to give advice for a friend.
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    Mar 26, 2015
    I hate to say but the Switch will most likely never come close to the third party support that the PS4 currently has.
  10. AT-LOWDeSu

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    Dec 29, 2015
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    Depends on the Genre. It'll never match the 3rd party support for shooters and EA games, but when it comes to JRPGS it might. I mean if you look at the 3DS, it got lots of Atlus games, misc RPGS, and many random titles. I expect the switch will be similar. Were already seeing SMT V, an atlus heavy hitter choose switch over PS4.

    E.G. I'm expecting the JRPGS to choose the switch for portability.
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    A Gift For Me
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    if you like japan games PS4 slim, if you like portable games Switch.