1. jchillin111

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    Aug 20, 2018
    United States
    I am a big big fan of the CoD series, and Black Ops 4 is coming out soon!

    Now, I was debating to get an Xbox One or a PS4 so I could play this new game; however, this would literally probably be the only game I own, and I could also purchase it as a DVD/Bluray player, but honestly I already have a PS3, and that does the job just fine.

    I have a super good laptop (MSI GS63 Stealth, i7 8th gen, 1060 NVIDIA GTX, etc.) and I could just purchase Black Ops 4 on the laptop, but there's some issues. I am a fan of using a controller for CoD games, and I do have a Xbox One controller I could use with my pc for Black Ops 4, but it would suck to be put at a disadvantage since everyone will be using a Keyboard and Mouse on the PC servers while I'll be using a controller, and the theory is that a controller is worse than Keyboard/Mouse. Also, I'm a fan of playing CoD on a TV screen, and I suppose I could hook up an HDMI output, but that's honestly just such a pain in the ass due to the setup I have in my house, it would be virtually impossible to do that.

    I just don't know what to do. I was leftout on Black Ops 3 because of this (I know it also cameout on PS3, but that was a shit show that couldn't run at 60 FPS so I didn't get it for PS3). Should I really just splurge the few hundred dollars to play Black Ops 4 on a console? I'm not really interested in any other games... Sucks just thinking about it...
  2. FAST6191

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Both consoles also have paid online (PSN is $60, Xbox live is about the same, in both cases you can possibly pick up a second hand code for a bit less), the consoles themselves tending to only come with a month so you also have that to consider in this.

    The controller thing is worse as most console iterations has autoaim/aim assist for controllers which PC would not have, or not have to as great an extent, for obvious reasons. Equally it is not just a theory but demonstrable reality -- quicker and more precise movements, including tracking and accounting for movement can be done with a mouse. I will have to find the test a game company did a few years back as well -- even mid tier PC players trounced top tier console ones seemingly because of this. You can make up a bit of this with learning maps and not being what I once heard delightfully phrased all aim and no brains but that only goes so far.
    Depending upon what you like about controllers then some people get on with using controller movement and mouse aiming (I don't know if vehicles are going to be in this but that can be an aspect too), however I can just as easily see it be a chore if you would rather not have a nice surface for a mouse on the sofa or being able to go one handed to get somewhere on a map before setting up.

    Barring the mouse thing above not sure how your TV setup makes it impossible where you could do a console or something -- long HDMI cables are not that expensive, and if you were contemplating a whole console then a simple HDMI switch box (bonus if you get one of the nice Chinese ones is they tend to also lose HDCP at the same time, though do check beforehand) can be had for way less than the price of a game.

    I don't know what the situation is like on the ground right now but console rental is a thing again in the UK. I don't know if this is a get it out of your system affair (or indeed if the game will be any good -- COD has been quite shaky for a few years now, as it always seems to for Activision helmed titles, or go as a guitar hero or Tony Hawk fan about the trajectory of such things) but it might represent an option.

    Game wise I have been monstrously disappointed with the consoles this generation, probably to the point I can't even say "you will find something else to enjoy" like I would with no hesitation for the PS360.
  3. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    I'd just stick to the PC and keyboard/mouse. Yes, I admit I'm one of those gamers who doesn't understand why one would play FPS'es or RTS'es on anything but that combo, but even when that's taken out of the equation, it has the most going for it:

    * you're using the same technology as everyone else, so losses can't be blamed on something external (besides...you can just plug in the controller and play, if that's what you fancy :) ).
    * you have the equipment and a "super good laptop". Why invest in something when you already have decent equipment?
    * if playing on the TV is such a hassle, it won't invite longer or serious playthroughs

    Basically the only reason I can think of to get an xbone would be if it'll be the only way to play with your friends. But as it stands, I really think it'll be a waste of money.
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